Give the gift of light - Solar Flashlights

Children of the Nations has recently joined the SunNight Solar Buy One, Give One Solar Flashlight Program. For every flashlight purchased online, one will be donated to COTN.

A donor can choose to keep one flashlight for personal use and donate the additional flashlight to COTN, or request that both be donated. For two flashlights, the cost is $49.00.

Imagine if each child in our COTN villages received one flashlight! These flashlights will help transform our children’s lives and communities in many ways:

•Education—Better lighting for students to complete homework
•Health—A light source that does not attract malaria-carrying mosquitoes
•Evangelism— More opportunity for evening Bible study and devotion time
•Safety—Personal security at night
•Economic—Fewer batteries to purchase for regular flashlights
•Environmental—Less wood, candles and kerosene to burn for light
COTN–USA Resource Manager Dave Schertzer said, “I tested the flashlight on one charge and it was working for over eight hours! We have already received a donation of 100 flashlights and they will soon be sent over to all four of our countries. Our staff will be blessed and encouraged, and our children can begin using these flashlights.”

These solar flashlights are durable—the rechargeable solar-powered batteries last for up to 1,000 charge cycles, or approximately three years.

Bless a child with a flashlight today! Visit the Bobo Light website to donate.