Visiting "home" this weekend on Lopez Island

Renee and I will be on Lopez this weekend, visiting our friends and family and sharing updates of COTN work overseas.

Lopez Community Church continues to bless us with continual prayers and financial support. We feel so pampered each time we go "home" and rest.

I could not resist placing a "tourist's view" photo on this entry. I will take some pictures and show you the REAL flavor of Lopez next week.

Meanwhile, back at the office, our retrofit continues with only carpet and heat to be added for finished space. That building was such a "pit", only God could see the potential and place it in our minds to attempt the overhaul. Jim Jackson deserves the steak dinner owed by CC for his work coordinating all of the volunteers and contractors who gave their time and supplies.

When I figure out how to add a photo, I will post it of the completed retrofit space.