Pray for Dave - serving in Sierra Leone Feb 15-Mar 2

Please pray for Dave Schertzer serving in Sierra Leone February 15 - March 2
· Ease in flight connections
· All luggage arrives with team undamaged, clears customs and no lost project supplies
Water System Installation
· Clear plan and 3/4 mile of ditches dug in first 2 days
· All conduit and fittings fit perfectly for connections to well, water tower, orphan homes
· Pressure tests hold the water in pipes
· No leaks in orphan home plumbing
Power System Installation
· Generator in place and ready to function
· Clear electrical plan for lines, fuse boxes, connections
· Power tests passed by day 10
· Wiring in orphan homes can handle the power
· Evangelism opportunities in villages, new area churches
· Relationship building with local chief, paramount chief
· Health and safety of all team members
· Unity of team and S.L. staff as they serve community
· That God would receive ALL of the glory and praise for the new water and power in the school, clinic, orphan homes and community buildings
· Safety and peace for Renee’ as she remains at home and serves in the COTN Finance office