BOGOLights from Port Angeles to our children overseas

Recently, Ron & Karen Coles have mobilized their church and friends to purchase BOGOLights for COTN and as gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. Here is a recent update from Karen. I think they are over 100 lights so far.

Your BogoLight was a big hit in church this morning. People were very curious and interested in it, and they were shoving money into my hand to buy one. (It's amazing how many folks are totally intimidated by computers, the internet, and on-line purchases.) For the folks today, I just put in an order for 10 Bogolights, so that adds 10 to the COTN total. One woman wrote out a check for $30 to COTN and gave it to me before I could explain the procedure and the shipping charges. When I explained it to her, she wrote out a second check, including the shipping charge, and then gave me back the $30 COTN check as a donation for you to buy 2 more BogoLights.

Ron has a deacon's meeting here at the house Tuesday night, so I think we'll keep your flashlight until after that, hoping to generate more interest with them. It really makes a difference to be able to see one of the flashlights.

The Bogolight project is really exciting, and one we are eager to continue promoting. In a few weeks, Ron will show one of the videos on the Bogo website to his Wednesday morning men's fellowship group. This group has been very supportive of COTN in the past, and will hopefully want to be involved in getting some more flashlights.