The Sierra Leone Shipment is on its way!!! Thank you!

The shipment of donations has departed from Silverdale, WA and Long Beach, CA for Sierra Leone!

Thousands of donations have been loaded by hearty volunteers into shipping containers and will arrive July 1st in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

COTNI continues to be blessed with donated shipping through the Dept. of Defense, saving an estimated $32,000 for these four containers.

“The process to ship through the D.O.D. takes much longer, but the funds saved can build a feeding center, classroom or an orphan home. We are very willing to wait and pray for God’s timing for our shipments”, said Dave Schertzer, COTN-USA Resource Director. “We are already starting to pray for the next shipment, planned to go to Malawi this fall. We all need to start praying now.”

The containers are filled with supplies for a variety of outreach programs in Freetown and Banta Mokelle, including:
Mattresses sets and bed frames for all of our orphan homes
Electrical supplies to complete wiring and power for the entire Banta Village (to be installed by a Venture Team in September)
Ground Cloth, Planter Pots and a Water Pump System for the next phase of the Palm Oil/Bio-Diesel Project
Water Pipe for connecting our Banta well to the homes, housing and feeding center
Chalkboards, Desks, Chairs, Backpacks and tons of School SmilePacks for our Banta School
Gift SmilePacks, Hygiene SmilePacks, Linens and House wares
Hospital Beds, Gurneys, Cabinets and Medical Supplies for our Banta Clinic and partnering Freetown Clinic
1,012 Boxes (218,592 Meals) of food packed by schools, churches and volunteers in Washington and California
Total of 91,000 lbs of supplies

Thanks for all of your prayers which kept everyone safe and without injury.
Thank you for your thousands of donations from across the USA.
Thank you to each volunteer who has served in Silverdale, Port Angeles, and Long Beach to accomplish this “God-sized” project.