Remember the COTN Chicken Coop?

So much has changed over the years that it is good to look back at God's accomplishments.

COTN President Chris Clark sent me pictures of our demolition of the old chicken coop at the COTNI Silverdale Offices. I think the photo would be taken from the current spot of the loading dock. The coop was removed before the start of construction of the new warehouse.

Note the tree on the left of the photo near the truck - that was removed along with overhead power lines.

The day the tree was dropped, we were amazed how easy it fell. Then the backhoe pulled and released the power lines attached to the office - "massive twang sound" freaked us out, but no damage. I remember having to lift those power lines with a long 2X4 to allow the container trucks to pass under. YIKES!

Once we complete the "National Offices", the interior of the new Warehouse will be the focus - bathrooms, upstairs offices, upper entry and a nice glass-pane entry door below.

I think that project will be headed by our Facilities Manager (soon to join our COTN Family) and will be completed in 2009, after permits are approved and funds raised for construction costs.

After that, only one more building to remodel/demolish - the house that has served as the COTN office for many years. We are dreaming of a 7-day rebuild like the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" show. Wouldn't that be a blast?