2008 brings HOPE, HELP and DREAMS of our next trip

HOPE - Banta Village in Sierra Leone with all of our orphans in new homes and hundreds of children attending school
PRAY - for approval for our next shipment to Sierra Leone

HELP - Renee' is now blessed with an Assistant, Candy Bandara. January will be full of training and welcoming Candy to the COTN office family.
PRAY - for Candy to daily know GOD called her to ministry with Renee' and for Renee' to complete the 2007 Financial Summary for all 5 countries.

DREAMS - How many times can we be asked "So, when is your next trip?" before we get the hint?
PRAY - for GOD to confirm if and when we should travel to Malawi and Uganda in 2008, or perhaps another ministry site.

INFO ON COTN UGANDA: http://www.cotni.org/news/52

COTN Orphans with Houseparents in Uganda - November 2007

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