Flooding in Barahona - Pray for our COTN friends

According to COTN–DR Country Director, Angel Peña, “Algodon and Los Robles have been hit hard. Many homes are halfway under water.” We received confirmation today that our school in Algodon is completely under floodwaters.
The army is evacuating those hit hardest to the National Stadium in Barahona, though the government was completely unprepared and has no provisions to care for these people. Our DR staff is joining the evacuation effort, using our bus and trucks to rescue families in Algodon, though according to Peña, “Many residents are refusing to leave their homes and possessions for fear of losing everything they own.” Currently, Los Robles is inaccessible as it is under floodwaters. “The only way in is to swim!” says Peña. “We have no idea how many people have lost their lives!”
Click here to find out more about donating to our Rescue and Restoration effort as we seek restore our schools, buildings and the households affected.
The Latest Updates on Efforts in the Dominican Republic
Oct. 30th 5:30pm – COTN–DR Country Director, Angel Peña reports that all the COTN staff is actively engaged in the rescue effort. Staff members are taking displaced families into their homes and helping others settle into churches. The greatest need right now is food, wood and metal to replace lost roofs, and fuel.

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