Mission Accomplished - now we Re-enter

Some stories from our trip:

Jim, Mima, Doug and Dave assisted Pedro (Dominican Handy-man) in removing cracked pavement in the driveway and pouring new cement.

Thankfully we set the final batch and covered it with tarp before the torrential downpour from a passing thunderstorm.

Now when the CMA staff use their driveway, they are driving on us.

Doug and the team taught Engineering concepts and helped the students build bridges to test their strength.

Many more bridges were built, including cultural, spiritual and family relationships. The kids loved the activity and were VERY competitive, convinced that their bridge would be the strongest. More of our children are now considering a career as engineers.

Thanks to Debi & Silverdale Starbucks for the straws for the bridges.

We celebrated our Dominican staff with a meal inspired by Malawian cuisine - 2 curries, rice, beans, fruit, veggies, and NSEMA.

Impromptu praise music by Dominicans and Americans was followed by testimonies by team leaders to the love, fellowship and prayer we have daily for these courageous servants of the Lord.

We fed 50, and God fed us all with a unity of spirit as we celebrated our combined family, serving destitute children in Barahona!

More stories to follow.
Napping to recover from jet lag,

Dave (for the DR Team)

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