Packing, Final Prep and Confirming Plans

The DR staff and children are preparing for our time of service in Barahona.

Each team member is attempting to pack all of their clothes and personal items into a small carry-on bag.

Dave is prayerfully caling the DR to catch Angel on his cell so we can confirm all of the final travel and service details for NEXT WEEK!!!


  • Calm within this final frantic preperation week: packing, communication and goodbyes to our families and friends

  • God to direct our words and actions in anticipation of travel and service

  • 100% good health of all team members

  • Wisdom when packing "what we really need" on the trip

  • Opportunities to share with others about our trip before we leave

Thank you PRAYER TEAM!

We will present a prayer card at church next Sunday and will pass a copy through emails.

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