A child's story from the Dominican Republic

Raulin Peralta Perez
of The Dominican Republic

Raulin is one of six brothers from a very poor family in Don Bosco. Raulin’s parents were unemployed and he spent a lot of time walking the streets, asking for food. He was made fun of by the other children, because malnutrition had caused him to have very thin legs and big belly. Before COTN came to Don Bosco, Raulin attended a school which was two kilometers away. Raulin got into many fights at school and that, combined with the distance of the school, caused his parents to not want him to attend school.
About one year ago, God opened doors in Don Bosco, and COTN has been the channel to bless many children like Raulin. God’s blessing to Raulin and many other kids in Don Bosco, started with the Bible classes for kids that COTN offered every Monday and Wednesday. Those meetings not only provided Bible study, but also allowed the kids to have a glass of juice and bread (later becoming an entire plate of food), as well as play time. Soon thereafter, COTN constructed a structure of wood and tin to gather the kids for Bible class which later became the first school in Don Bosco. A medical team also came to Don Bosco, through COTN, to check Raulin and other kids, as well as adults in the community.
Today, Raulin and many other children from Don Bosco and other villages, have the privilege of attending a good school in their own neighborhood, get to eat a meal at school, have the chance to visit the doctor and receive basic medical care, and, most importantly, are able to hear the Gospel. Raulin is starting to grow and is now friendly and happier than ever. The Lord blessed him through COTN and the support of many people like you.

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Anonymous said...

I had a great time being with you guys and to hear all the testimonies from the children of God.
Ricardo Vergara