Merry Christmas from the Burger Barn

"Deck the stalls with oats and barley..."

Renee' and I wish you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

2006 was full of answered prayer and plenty of "stretching" times, no doubt to continue in 2007. Our Dominican Team Trip in May and serving in the COTNI Office will be our main focus in the next months.

I feel more and more that the "step of faith" God lead me to 5+ years ago was the start of a new advanture in missions and ministry. What God had to do was break me until I learned faith and obedience were the keys to be used in His Kingdom work.

The Burger Barn will be open all of 2007 with plenty of burgers, cheesecakes and whatever we can dream up for our message machine.

God bless you this year,

Dave "Peanut Butter"

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